Network Auditor is a full-fledged network awareness and management software suite, auditing the configuration of your devices, and helping to guard against malware and intrusions.

Asset Management

You need to know what is on your network – the nodes and software each is running, and the details of which patches and software versions are installed on those nodes. Network Auditor puts all of this information at your fingertips and keeps it up to date. You can take action when users have not updated their systems by automating configuration changes.

Malware Detection

The only thing worse than malware on your network is not knowing you have malware on your network. You cannot rely on one vendor to alert you since no one vendor is always the first to know about a specific piece of malware. Other vendors may lag by weeks or months. Network Auditor checks more than 40 anti-malware sources for you – all processes on all machines – and it conveniently tells you which machines are infected with which malware.

Rogue Device Alerts

Wouldn’t it be nice to know when a rogue device connects to your network? Welcome to Network Auditor! It will tell you right away when a device connects to your ecosystem and does not resolve to be an authorized device. Network Auditor can alert you on your phone while you are out getting coffee – much better than your boss alerting you when you get back!

Network Auditor is a 100x better than any other resource we have. It gives a detailed listing of software, printers, and drive mappings all in one shot. It even provides a license for specialized software. When we do a break fix (a laptop that is totally down), Network Auditor will give us everything we need to restore the laptop with the appropriate software.

Nicholas, ICF

Network security. Accomplished.

The security team at one multi-national with more than 5,000 nodes reported that they use Network Auditor every day, that without this tool they could not achieve the feats they accomplish. Network Auditor supports their needs, ensuring that their network is configured and up to date. Network Auditor goes beyond that to provide them the support they need – early warning of rogue devices, malware presence that their Endpoint solution does not alert them to, and support for their asset retrieval activities and incident responses.

“We use it everyday – and it has become such a critical and invaluable tool that we would not want to have to work without it.”

Asset inventory. Completed.

A global large-scale firm constantly merges and acquires other firms – spawning a necessary immediate inventory of all assets, their state, and configurations. What once took weeks and months, including teams of personnel traveling to locations all over the world to confirm inventory reports, has been replaced with asset inventories reported in hours by Network Auditor.

“Network Auditor is a must have tool – even if you have other tools, this tool becomes a mainstay complement to them. There are so many functions Network Auditor does more efficiently and more cost-effectively than other tools – and there are so many things it does that the other tools simply don’t do.”

All machines fully configured. Automatically.

One multi-national organization found out by installing Network Auditor that more than 75% of their network was behind on critical update patches, with most being at least 20 patches behind. With Network Auditor, their entire ecosystem around the world, on independent networks, was brought up to date in hours using the automation engine.

Today, they use Network Auditor everyday to manage their digital ecosystem and keep it up to date – cost effectively. And Network Auditor provides them with the proof they need for their auditors – not to mention keeping everything running smoothly and preventing unnecessary intrusions.

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