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Register here on the website, and then login to the Network Auditor website to download the deployment server to begin (Misc Tab > NA Deploy > Installs). The deployment server orchestrates the deployment onto all other nodes within your network by configuring a deployment job (Misc Tab > NA Deploy > Job).
There is no limit on the number of nodes that you can scale to.
Subnets are irrelevant to the application from a system connectivity perspective. Network Auditor will provide you a view to see data aggregated for your entire network, and also empower you to drill down into specific locations.
The application collects multiple data points to help you locate missing assets, including, but not limited to, username logged in, public ip address, local ip address, and geo-echolocation.
You have the ability to setup and subscribe to email alerts to report common issues that need your attention - for example: malware infections, network intrusions, and hard disk predictive failures.
Network Auditor allows you to enforce automatic patch deployments for Microsoft Windows Updates.
Network Auditor consistently monitors the processes running on your machine and checks them against 50+ different antivirus vendors alerting you with infection reports. It provides you with precise information on configurations allowing you to pinpoint machines users have permitted to fall behind on patches. It empowers you to push the necessary updates to safeguard your assets.